Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei, the old factory complex where we are located
FIFTY50 Records is a project from the people in and around FIFTY50, a punkrock band from Leipzig, Germany.
We started off with the band in 1998 playing shows. We moved into a bigger rehearsal room soon after that which used to be a recording studio. For the next few years we just used it for band practice. Eventually we realized we wanted to record our songs on our own and since destiny put us in a former recording studio, we knew what to do.
Säsh (FIFTY50 and the man in charge of recording) started to turn the rehearsal room into the studio that is today, step by step. We've come a long way ever since but we still have a long way to go. Säsh started producing bands in 2004.

FIFTY50 posing hard:
Holger - organizing dude
Säsh - recording dude
Marcus - video&graphic dude
Tilo - web & graphic dude
Benne - video dude

The bands we produced so far really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of our studio, the sharing of experiences we got from years on the road and in the studio and the inspiring atmosphere of the old factory complex we are located in.
FIFTY50 Records is not limited to any specific genre. If it's good music, it's good music! We also like to help young bands with recording their songs for the very first time. We also welcome touring bands who want to record some songs while they are on the road in Germany.

We also are doing videos and websites.

FIFTY50 Records is not a record label! Well, not yet anyway. But as our band, FIFTY50 Records will grow step by step and when the time is right there will be a label too.

random fotos from the FIFTY50 Records foto gallery:

Splitside & The Part Timers (SWE) @ Fifty50 Records

Splitside & The Part Timers (SWE) @ Fifty50 Records

Short Rhythm @ FIFTY50 Records

a swedish mess

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