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Day 13 - Houston, Texas - Rudyards Jun 23,2005

Today was going to be the last day of the tour. It's been 2 amazing weeks with memories for a life time so we were curious what was on the menu today. read more


Day 12 - Austin, Texas - Headhunters Jun 23,2005

We slept in today as long as we could and went for an extensive breakfastlunchdinner. While Benne and Holger wanted more sleep, the rest of us walked up and down Guadalupe Street at the University - homiestyle (the word of the day)... read more


Day 11 - Austin, Texas Jun 21,2005

Today, we finally hit the road for Austin. We were already in touch with Bryan down here who was the only one who tried to organize a show here. There was a bar on 6th were we could possibly play but it was still not sure whether it would work out or not ... read more


Day 10 - Lewisville, Texas Jun 21,2005

Saturday we had our first day off after 7 shows in a row, which suprisingly wasn't exhausting at all. It was more tiring not to play that day. This time we played at Fat Daddy's Sound Shack ... read more


Day 8 - Denton, Tx Jun 20,2005

Today was going to be a special as I met up with a few of my old friends from way back in college 7 years ago (we lived in a small shitty town some 50miles south of Dallas). read more


Day 7 - on the road, Texarkana, TX Jun 18,2005

We intended to get up at 8am and did so around 9 something which is not too bad. We had about 500miles ahead of us to get to Texarkana, TX from Gulfport, MS. read more


Day 6 - Gulfport, D'Iberville, M Jun 18,2005

We had to leave the hotel by noon and drove 30min to D'Iberville along the golf coast to Lynn's place where we could crash the next night and finally wash our clothes ... read more


Day 5 - Gulfport, MS Jun 16,2005

Somehow we were all glad to get out of New Orleans to head east along the golfcoast towards Gulfport, Mississippi. read more


day 4 - Baton Rouge / New Orleans Jun 16,2005

We had our farewell meal at Magic Mushroom (Shane works there) together with Chris (who is still with us as the rest of Sattori left since they don't the next 3 shows), Sarah and Blake. Then we took off and it almost felt like leaving home. New Orleans was ... read more


DAY 3 - Baton Rouge / Lafayette Jun 13,2005

We were glued the the floors and couches of Shanes house until early afternoon. A few coffees and showers later we filled our tummys with sandwhiches and did a little shopping at the Mall. We left Baton Rouge across the Mississippi River and through the Swamps ... read more


DAY 2, - Lafayette / Baton Rouge Jun 13,2005

The jetlag didn't let us sleep that long and we meet up with our tourmates SATTORI. We a big welcome back, saying hello, introducing each other and went off to find something for lunch... read more


DAY 1 - Berlin / Houston / Lafayette Jun 13,2005

The flight took off early morning in Berlin which meant that none of us slept that night as we all had something to do till the very last minute. read more


time to go Jun 09,2005

it's almost midnight and we'll be taking off towards the airport in about 3 hours. The tour diary and the tour photo gallery should be working now. read more